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Konferencja Europejska – Skills for SMES

Fundacja ECCC zaproszona została na Konferencję Europejską SKILLS for SMES, która się odbędzie 15 października 2019 r. w Brukseli.

On 15 October the European conference SKILLS FOR SMES is organised to discuss with recognised experts how to tackle SME skills development in Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity.

Small and medium sized companies (SMEs) are the backbone of the European economy. However, as new technologies emerge, they need skills to adapt their workforce and exploit new opportunities. How to prepare for a cyberattack? How to analyse big data sets to enhance services and deliver better products? These are questions that SMEs need to answer in today’s market environment.

Therefore, the European Commission has launched an initiative to analyse and support SME skills development in Big Data, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity. Our consortium of Capgemini Invent, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance and Technopolis are proud to present the, vision, roadmap and toolbox which have been developed in the course of this 2-year initiative by a broad variety of experts across Europe and the US.

Among the topics to be discussed are the varying degrees of digital maturity in SMEs and the hurdles which prevent small companies from taking up novel technologies. Recognised experts in this field will debate what is needed to increase the level of Big Data, IoT and Cybersecurity skills and capacity in SMEs in the coming years.

Among the speakers are listed:

  • Slawomir Tokarski, Director Innovation and Advanced Manufacturing, DG GROW, European Commission
  • Sanna-Mari Jäntti, Director Strategic Projects, City of Helsinki
  • Petra Püchner, European Commissioner of Baden-Württemberg and head of the Steinbeis Europe Center
  • Oliver Grün, President European DIGITAL SME Alliance and BITMi

Contributing organisations represent international associations, innovative regions and cities, education and industry leaders.

Konferencja Europejska – Skills for SMES
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